Water Absorption Density Acid Solubility Compressive Strength
AP302 4% 143 lb/ft3
2,290 kg/m3
10% 14,000 psi
96.0 Mpa
PV33P 6% 140 lb/ft3
2,245 kg/m3
12% 9,000 psi
60.0 Mpa
WR 1% 158 lb/ft3
2,531 kg/m3
8% 14,000 psi
96 Mpa


KNIGHT-WARE® Acid Brick products are available in standard and custom shapes and sizes for today’s market. We have the capabilities to produce custom-designed linings for vessels in service today, and into the future. Our true refractory bricks maintain corrosion-resistance in high-temperature environments and conform to ASTM 279 specifications.

KNIGHT-WARE® Acid Brick products are ideal for mining applications with high-pressure/chemical needs:


Pressure vessel applications subject to thermal shock and spalling


Higher density brick from pressure vessel applications


Abrasion resistant for agitating vessels that process acidic abrasive slurry

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