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Koch Membrane Systems is changing its name to Koch Separation Solutions and acquiring the ion exchange-based solutions of Eco-Tec, Inc. for expanded capabilities.

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Membrane and ion exchange technologies are complementary to each other, and this synergy positions Koch Separation Solutions at the forefront of providing comprehensive support across diverse markets as described below. As part of the Koch Engineered Solutions network of businesses that specialize in process and pollution control equipment, Koch Separation Solutions offers direct access to more of the expertise you need to operate efficiently.

See the technical resources for our advanced membrane filtration. Learn about the markets that Eco-Tec serves.

Customer Focused Collaborative Development

Choosing the right filtration and separation technologies for your needs is not a one-size-fits-all decision. Koch Separation Solutions listens and works with you to provide problem-solving support and a full spectrum of innovations ranging from advanced membrane filtration to ion exchange and resin products, and more. Explore our complete service capabilities.

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