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News on Koch Knight LLC




EAST CANTON, Ohio — Koch Knight LLC, a world leader in corrosion solutions with capabilities in state-of-the-art ceramics and plastic materials manufacturing, as well as acid-resistant construction and engineering, today announces its intent to purchase the DURO™ product line assets of Fuzion Technologies, Inc. (Memphis, Tennessee).

“The DURO product line represents an expansion of products that we can provide to the corrosion resistant market and expands our customer base in a variety of industries including global installers,” said Matthew Thayer, vice president of Koch Knight. “Combined with Koch Knight’s capabilities and market presence, we felt this was an excellent fit and look forward to offering these products to our new and existing customers.”

Koch Knight is part of Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC, a diverse group of companies serving refiners and chemical companies, municipalities, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food and dairy, automotive, utility, and other process industry customers. Koch Knight’s products and services are widely used in corrosive chemical processing equipment and high temperature VOC abatement applications.

Fuzion Technologies, Inc. is one of America’s leading refractory products companies. After the sale of the DURO™ product line, Fuzion will continue to provide a full range of refractory materials for a wide variety of industries, including cement and lime, iron, steel, paper and pulp, chemical, glass, energy, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metal industries.

Freeport Brick Division purchased the DURO™ product line from Harbison Walker in 1983.  All manufacturing of the DURO™ product line will be moved to Koch Knight’s East Canton, Ohio, location from the Pittsburgh area, where DURO bricks have been manufactured for the past 80 years.

Future inquiries can be sent to Bill Emberg at 724-295-2800, ext. 219. 

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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