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Structured Packing
FLEXILITH™ Structured Packing

Environmental Ceramic MEDIA

A key component to any Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is using proper heat transfer media to mitigate potential problems with particulate matter while ensuring reliable, economical and safe operation of the system. Our structured and random media surpasses the industry standard for efficiency, quality and value. Our advanced design and ceramic formulations can resolve your RTO problem from pressure drop, energy usage, alkali attack, particulate accumulation, or a combination of issues.

Koch Knight, LLC is a global leader in RTO ceramic media by creating a portfolio of technical and economical media solutions, from structured to random ceramic media, to resolve your most corrosive application environments.


FLEXERAMIC® Ceramic Structured Media - Market leader in structured media with geometrically arranged corrugated sheets offering improved operation over saddle random media. Our proprietary media designs provide greater resistance to fouling than random or monolithic media.                         (Click to view details page)

Why FLEXERAMIC® Ceramic Structured Media in an RTO Application?

  • Reduce Bed Depth
  • Minimize Plugging
  • Maximize Gas Distribution in the Bed
  • Increase Capacity in the Unit
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Lower Pressure Drop
  • Utilize Entire Bed Instead of a Fraction
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)


FLEXERAMIC® CeramicStructured Media is geometrically arranged corrugated sheets offering improved operation over saddle random media with greater resistance to fouling than random or monolithic media. (Click to view details page)

FLEXILITH™ HA (High Alumina) Ceramic Structured Media - Ceramic structured media combines the high heat capacity and low pressure drop of a honeycomb monolith shape with the chemical stability of the high alumina composition making it particularly suitable for use in RTO / RCO applications. It is very dense and displays excellent resistance to thermal shock damage. When FLEXILITH™ HA Ceramic Structured Media is used in applications with fairly clean emission streams or with effective particulate removal equipment upstream, it is easy and cost efficient to operate and maintain. Two layers of FLEXERAMIC® structured media installed at the cold face of the RTO and underneath the FLEXILITH HA bed results in greatly improved gas flow and reduced channeling. (Click to view details page)


FLEXISADDLE® Ceramic Random Media - One of the most widely used random heat transfer ceramic tower packing in the market with over 600 installations worldwide. Our LPD™ (Low Pressure Drop) design and GR™ (Glazed Resistant Alumina) material is used for OSB Dryer applications and the wood products industry. Available in various sizes, material and designs to solve the toughest environmental needs. (Click to view details page)

FLEXISADDLE LPD® Ceramic Random Media provides a high open area and aerodynamic design resulting in 20% lower pressure drop and up to 40% reduced particulate retention compared to standard saddle media. The three ribbed design maintains heat transfer capability through more efficient use of the media's surface area and provides a lower pressure drop savings, offering the RTO designer reduced fan costs or smaller unit designs. Our LPD random media has become the market choice for OSB Dryer RTO installations. Our media meets the ASTM C 515 specifications for porcelain packing. (Click to view details page)

FLEXISADDLE® GR Random Media has been engineered to resist even the most intense forms of alkali attack, resulting in longer life and higher resistance to thermal cycling damage than other materials. Our formulation exhibits outstanding strength retention after thermal shock cycling (400°F into water for 10 cycles) with a remarkable 0% reduction in strength compared to typical random media, which is normally 37%. GR™ can be manufactured in LPD™; geometry that results in over 20% lower pressure drop than the standard random media. (Click to view details page)

Structured Media
FLEXERAMIC™ 28 Ceramic Media
FLEXERAMIC™ 28 Ceramic
Structured Media
FLEXISADDLE™ Ceramic Media
Random Media

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