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Engineering & Installation Services

As a global leader in the corrosion protection industry, we offer clients a full service package which ranges from complex projects to simple reline installations all over the world. From our professional engineers, manufacturing and shop-line facilities, experienced project managers and veteran field installers, Koch Knight provides process evaluation, custom engineering and design, manufacturing, construction management and field installation allowing you to focus on running your profitable business. We make sure that our work is right by offering routine inspections and service for not only our equipment, but even for competitive equipment. Koch Knight is your single source for non-metallic corrosion resistant process vessels, box and tanks, internals and surface protection. We continually expand our expertise by progressively entering new markets and developing innovative equipment systems to meet customer demands and expectations.


Decades of full design and engineering experience in anti-corrosion process equipment for chemical and sulfuric acid processing, hydrometallurgical, environmental and flue gas markets.

  • Specialize in custom design process equipment:
  • Steel shell
  • Membrane lining
  • Brick Lining
  • Packing Support
  • Packing
  • Distributor
  • Mist Elimination
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Products -Complete product line of material and equipment for Brick Lined Towers (ME, Distributor, Packing , Packing Support, Membrane, Brick and Mortar etc)

Vessel Design and Material of Construction:

  • Carbon Steel (SA 516 gr 70)
    • ASME Section VII Div 1 stamped
    • ASME Section VIII Div1 non -stamped
  • FRP-CPVC Dual Laminate
    • RTP-1

Process Design (e.g.)

  • Mass Transfer and Hydraulic Calculations
  • Offer Process Warranty

Mechanical Design

  • Vessel design
  • Lining System
  • Packing and Internals

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We provide complete installation and construction services for all equipment we manufacture and provide. Our professional and highly experienced field installers are committed to satisfying our clients’ most exacting requirements. In addition to lining our equipment, we can refurbish and re-line a wide range of competitive equipment in your plant. From initial installation, spot repair, tear-out and full re-lining of your equipment, Koch Knight has the experience and personnel to complete the project ranging globally in a multitude of markets and applications.

Project Management Team

  • Project Managers specializing in the construction of brick lined process equipment

Field Construction Team

Our globally recognized, safety focused, professional and highly skilled service crew performs repair and equipment maintenance all over the world. From full service contracts to case-by-case situations, Koch Knight offers preventative and routine maintenance, lining and membrane tear-outs and repair, upgrade and refurbishing of existing equipment, full replacement from flange-to-flange and complete equipment removal.

  • Core Field Superintendents
  • Dedicated Safety Manager
  • Experienced Field Crews

Construction Services

  • Turnkey Tower Construction
  • Lining Installation (shop lined or on site)
  • Shop Lining up to 3,500mm Dia. to 35,000mm High
  • Installation of Packing and Internals
  • On Site Supervision


Routine and Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) extends service life and prevents unnecessary repairs. Our services are used to predict future repairs, assist planning of maintenance budgets, and to prevent unplanned outages caused by unexpected failures. We routinely inspect equipment during scheduled shutdowns. Our PMI service offering is what differentiates Koch Knight from others in our industry.

Shop Lining Towers




Field Installation

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