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Koch Knight, LLC Affiliations

Koch Chemical Technology Group Companies

Koch Chemical Technology Group
Below are links to the websites of other Koch Chemical Technology Group Companies, for your convenience.

Koch-Glitsch, LP
Koch-Glitsch, LP, is a world leader in the supply and installation of mass transfer equipment used in refining, chemical, petrochemical and other industries. The Koch Otto York Group of Koch-Glitsch is a world leader in the supply of mist elimination equipment, which removes liquid droplets from gas streams, thus reducing environmental damage while also saving money for the producer.

John Zink Company, LLC
John Zink Company, LLC, is a world leader in the supply of cutting edge combustion equipment including process burners, boiler burners, duct burners, flares, and thermal oxidizers, for application in the hydrocarbon processing, pharmaceutical, utility and other industries, plus a world leader in the supply of gasoline/marine vapor recovery or vapor combustor systems. All John Zink non-burner products are used by its customers to eliminate potential contaminants from release into the environment. John Zink has an extensive worldwide service organization which helps its customers maintain the efficient operation of their products.

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc., is a world leader in the supply of ultrafiltration membranes to a variety of applications in the food, dairy, automotive, water, industrial and other markets. The major emerging application for ultrafiltration membranes is the removal of harmful bacteria and viruses from drinking water. Koch Membrane Systems has attained a leading position in the supply of reverse osmosis membranes which are used primarily in municipal and industrial water purification applications, for the removal of salt from seawater and brackish water.

Koch Heat Transfer Company, LP
Koch Heat Transfer Company is a worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and testing custom heat exchangers for a global customer base.  It has been recognized as an innovator in the field of heat transfer, particularly in design and application of TWISTED TUBE™ bundle technology to a wide variery of heat transfer services.  The Koch Heat Transfer group builds on the strength of its companies, incorporating a market-based business philosophy with continuous improvement and development of heat transfer technology for the refining, chemical and upstream industries.  The group is built on globally-recognized brands in the tubular heat transfer business, such as BROWN FINTUBE™, ALLOY FABand INDUSTRIE MECCANICHE DI BAGNOLO - IMBproducts.

Optimized Process Designs, Inc. (OPD)
Optimized Process Designs has in-depth experience and expertise in the natural gas industry. OPD has gained international capabilities and additional specialized technical resources. It has been the general contractor on some of the largest gas plants built in the U.S. in recent years, and also on large-scale international projects.

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