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Leader in Acid Proof Solutions

Koch Knight, LLC is a leader in acid proof solutions and corrosion solutions with capabilities in construction, engineering and services, working with state-of-the-art ceramics and plastic materials. Koch Knight is a true one stop shop for all needs of even the most demanding corrosion solutions.

Koch Knight provides responsive, customer-focused solutions. Our products and services are available worldwide through our global network of manufacturing and outsourcing ceramic and plastic facilities. We are there when you need us. Whether it is a revamp or new construction, from start to finish, Koch Knight will assist you with every step to ensure speedy completion and successful results.

Koch Knight is part of Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC, a diverse group of companies serving the hydrometallurgical, refining, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, power and water filtration industries. Koch Knight offers a single source solution for many customers because of the related product lines of our sister companies. Diagnostic scans, combustion burners, modular mass transfer skids, state of the art packing supports, and heat transfer products are just a few of the many products available from other companies within Koch Chemical Technology Group.

Mission Statement
Koch Knight's mission is to be the corrosion resistance leader in non-metallic products, engineering and construction services, which creates value in our customers’ corrosive process and environmental applications.

The Knight Story
Maurice A. Knight Company was a pioneer in the development of corrosion-proof construction materials for the chemical industry. In 1981, Koch Engineering Company, Inc., purchased selected assets of the Maurice A. Knight Company. Today, Koch Knight continues to be a leading innovator in the fields of corrosion proof materials and environmental heat transfer equipment.

Origins in Chemical Stoneware
KNIGHT-WARE® Ceramic was the first material produced by the Maurice A Knight Company in the early 1900's. Until this time, the American chemical industry relied on chemical stoneware manufactured in England and Germany. Although stoneware was made in the United States, it was considered inferior to the European product. The only reasons for using American stoneware were lower price and quicker delivery. In order to raise the status of American stoneware, Maurice A. Knight Company developed KNIGHT-WARE® products from vitreous ceramic, which did not depend upon a glaze for acid resistance and was strong enough to be formed into large pieces of equipment.

Early Innovative Products
PYROFLEX® Sheet Lining was developed as protective membrane lining for concrete and steel vessels. As the chemical industry grew, larger corrosion-proof vessels were needed to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for chemical products. To meet this challenge, PYROFLEX lining, a continuous leak-proof protective lining, was developed. Through research, we continue to improve the original PYROFLEX formulation to meet the on-going requirements for acid proof construction in today's chemical process industries. PYROFLEX® 500 is the latest improvement to this product line.

Acid proof mortars were brought into use as a means of bonding brick and tile to protect the membrane linings from abrasion and high temperature. The early mortars were mainly inorganic materials such as silicates and sulfur. Later, resin mortars such as phenolics, furans, polyester and vinyl ester, were developed for improved chemical resistance and bonding strength. PERMANITE® mortar, a furfuryl alcohol resin mortar, was developed and continues to be produced to meet the needs of the chemical and allied industries. Today, we offer improved inorganic and resin mortars blended for the application.

The BERL Saddle
Ceramic tower packing, such as raschig rings, spiral and cross partition rings, were developed to replace tower packing made of quartz, coke, and brick. The BERL Saddle was first made in commercial quantities in America by the Knight Company in the early 1930's. These designs offered a significant improvement in mass transfer surface area over the earlier packing designs. FLEXISADDLE® ceramic tower packing was also developed to achieve increased performance in mass transfer operations. Today FLEXISADDLE ceramic tower packing is available in chemical stoneware, porcelain, and other specialized ceramic compositions.

Design and Construction
Koch Knight engineers have extensive experience in the fabrication of corrosion-proof equipment and knowledge of liquid-gas direct contact heat and mass transfer in packed towers. They pioneered the design and construction of many chemical process units such as direct contact cooling and drying of chlorine cell gas, HCL recovery, production of anhydrous HCL, fume disposal systems, autoclaves, quench towers, sulfuric acid production towers and many others.

The FLEXERAMIC® Solution
FLEXERAMIC® structured ceramic packing was developed in the late 1980's. This high surface area, low pressure drop tower packing offers many benefits in mass and heat transfer applications. It can be manufactured from various ceramic composites offering plant operators efficient and economical alternatives to engineered plastics and exotic alloys.

Expanding our Expertise
Pressure Oxidation Autoclaves. Koch Knight, LLC has expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of acid brick lining, and in developing linings for the high temperatures and pressures encountered in pressure oxidation. Today, Koch Knight also has experience in all types of hydrometallurgical ore processing including gold, nickel, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt and uranium. Throughout the last decade, Koch Knight has:

  • Purchased additional manufacturing capacity and capability in East Canton, Ohio
  • Opened our Australian Sales Offices in Sydney, New South Wales and Perth, Western Australia

Innovation Continues to This Day
Recently, Koch Knight introduced state-of-the-art tower packing – the low pressure drop, or LPD™ packing. This patented design provides improved efficiencies, throughput, and energy savings for environmental and chemical applications. New and improved products continue to be developed in Koch Knight laboratories and manufactured in our facilities to meet the needs of our customers' applications. Some of these innovative products include PYROFLEX 500 membrane, KNIGHT-WARE PV33P brick, KNIGHT-WARE™ WR brick, LPD® (low pressure drop) ceramic random packing and GR (glazed resistant) ceramic random packing, FLEXISADDLE ceramic packing along with many others.

Koch Knight LLC's engineering and construction capabilities continue to grow as well. With the addition of high tech plastics and virtually all types of anti-corrosive materials, Koch Knight now has the ability to solve most any corrosion problem. Today, Koch Knight as a manufacturer and installer of acid proof materials, equipment and environmental media worldwide, remains prepared to assist you with all your corrosion resistant, mass transfer, and heat transfer requirements.

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